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Fort Walton Boudoir Photography

Get ready to drool… | The Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photographer

I’m a tangible type of person. I love the look and feel of luxurious products. If I’m paying money for something, I want it to be high quality. Well, let me tell you, I found QUALITY for my albums and my USB delivery system. Luxury. The kind of paper, fabrics, materials that you just want to oooooh and aaaaaahh over. I finally took some photos of the GORGEOUS things you can purchase after your session and I hope that you’re just as obsessed with them as I am.

Head’s up: You can come see and touch for yourself on April 29, 2017 at the Mother’s Day Expo at Uptown Station where I will be showing off my work for all to see. This is a great opportunity for you to come meet me, too. Get to know the artist behind the art. 🙂 Why Mother’s Day? Because I want to remind every woman that has kiddos that she is MORE than just momma. She is a goddess worthy of adoration.

Collective OOOOOoooooohHHHHHhhhs and AAAAAaaaahhhhhHHHhhhs now, y’all. 😉



Let’s Talk Lingerie | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

Let’s Talk Lingerie: Bustiers vs. Corsets – What’s The Difference?


Ok, let’s be honest, shall we? None of us know the difference between a bustier and a corset or a teddy versus a romper. So, I figured we should get down to the nitty-gritty and what flatters what body type. First part of this series will be about the differences between different kinds of lingerie. The second part of this series will be dedicated to how mix and match different styles to create different looks. Fashion can be so much fun when you know what things are called and how they work!



Bustier is pronounced boo-stee-yay.


The key feature of a bustier is that it has a built-in bra. Bustiers are usually shorter than a corset and are often referred to as long-line bras. You’ll find most bustiers are fastened like a standard bra with hook-eye-closures and usually have some form of boning to add structure to the piece.





Corsets are typically more meant for waist-cinching. They cover from the hip to either just under the bust (underbust) or just over the bust (overbust). Usually, a corset will lace together in the back so that it can adjust (tighten and loosen) where needed.


Blended Fashion

As with everything in fashion, styles are often blended into hybrid pieces. You’ll see fashion corsets that are less expensive and include hook-and-eye closures to create ease for putting it on. Some include zippers that once fitted, it’s simply a matter of slipping it on.


Bustiers are a go to if you already have an hourglass shape or a defined waist. If you’re looking to pull in some of your tummy, though, the corset is going to be your best bet. Which would you shop for? Personally, I LOVE a corset!




W | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

There is something so freeing about outdoor boudoir. The empowerment that comes from being outdoors and being strong and confident in a way that society tells us is not ok unless you’re a celebrity can be overwhelming. It’s a special kind of freedom and it’s a type of experience that I want for every one of my clients  – whether their whole session is inside or outside or a blend of both.

I told you that some really amazing images were coming your way and here they are!


D | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

Every once in a while, I need to practice new techniques and try out new posing flow styles. When this comes up, I send out a model call (which has no restrictions in terms of size, color, body type, hair type) and I get some of the best people through this process. With a model call, the client gives me a full model release so that I can show off the photos from their session in exchange for some of the photos. Without these model calls, I wouldn’t have a ton of work to show on here. Boudoir is an incredibly personal and intimate experience and most of my clients choose to keep their images private, which is completely understandable and I encourage everyone to only share what they are comfortable with, even if that means nothing. The next handful of sessions are from these gorgeous women that braved this process with open hearts and I’m so excited for you to see them!

Thank you, D, for being an amazing model! I appreciate you so much!

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G | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

It’s really rare to find other women who love to game as much as I do. Literally, it’s one of those things that you just don’t come across very often. So, when I asked G if she had ever heard of Red vs. Blue while introducing my pup Grif, she smiled and said she definitely had. To say I lit up is a complete understatement. Like, whoa. She drunk streams on Twitch, video games like a boss, and is just the sweetest woman. I’m so blessed to work with people that I become friends with after everything is said and done.


R | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir

Oh my soul, y’all! This sweet woman and I just connected on a whole different level. You know those people that you meet and become instant best friends? I’m talking major twinning. I’m super sad that she lives so far away from me right now, but I hope one day she lives nearby. We have the same love for Disney and creativity and art and life and just…oh so much more. I feel like I could talk to her forever. I was so blessed to spend time with her recently and throw together a last minute MERMAID styled shoot. Nothing too complicated. Just a girl who made her own mermaid tail and props and just has the sweetest spirit ever. So much fun. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll let the images speak for themselves. 😉


B | Exquisite Sessions Fort Walton Boudoir Photographer

Back in August I was able to make a trip to Del Rio (where D and I were stationed right after we got married) to do a boudoir marathon. It was a huge hit and our girls were absolutely stunners!

The hair styling skills of Nelda Negron and the Makeup Artistry of Veronica Stich made this the event of the year. The girls got to come in, get pampered, and get beautiful photos of themselves and everyone had a great time.

One of of our first girls was B. This girl completely rocked it out and I am so in love with the images we got from her session. Take a look!