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It’s About More | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photographer

DJ Hunter - Dangerously Delicate

There is a resounding theme among purveyors of the art of boudoir. You’ll find that there is a vast majority that attach the genre to a concept of taboo-ism. That it’s meant to be a “your eyes only” project for a significant other. However, there is so much more to what a boudoir session can accomplish. Sure, it’s a great gift for someone else. It’s an even better gift for yourself, though.

Our society, our culture, our media, our advertising – all of it is centered on one theme: you’re not good enough as you are.

This makeup get rid of your wrinkles!

This crème gets rid of your dark spots!

Don’t have freckles? Here’s how to get them!

Your lashes are too short. Try this extension!

You need to lose or gain weight. Drink this magic potion and your life will change!

Here’s the thing, though. All of that stuff? It’s a cover up. It’s a mask. We’re given an ideal and we’re expected to conform to it. And I’m not JUST talking about women. I’m not JUST talking to the curvy girls. I’m talking about humanity as a whole. You have to be sassy, but not bossy. You have to be demure, but not weak. You have to be cute, but not childish. You have to firm, but not demanding. You have to be confident, but not too much or you’ll be labeled conceited.


When does that stop? Where is the line? Who says how far you have to go to get where society says that you *fit* all the sudden?


There’s something that transpires during a boudoir or beauty session (because it doesn’t ONLY happen when you take your clothes off!). When you have a photographer who knows the insides and outs of posing, of lighting, of body language, they’re able to show you the light that radiates from within. We’re so critical of ourselves that we don’t see it. The majority of the time, we look in the mirror and tear ourselves apart. But when you sit down across from a stranger, do you tear them apart in your mind? Are you thinking about how one ear is a little higher than the other? How their cowlicks are obvious and annoying? What about that muffin top that comes out when they’re sitting down? Or whether their shoes match their purse? How about how straight their teeth are?

NO! So, why do we do it to ourselves???

It starts with you. It starts with making the conscious decision every morning to love yourself where you’re at.

Am I saying makeup is bad? NO. Am I saying you shouldn’t strive to be better than you were yesterday? NO. I AM saying that at some point, you have to wake up from the brainwashing and realize that our appearances don’t dictate what we deserve. We ALL deserve love. We ALL deserve respect. We ALL deserve to look in the mirror and love what we see.


There are no two bodies exactly alike. Maybe I love my hands, but you think your fingers are short and stubby. Maybe you love your legs, but I think mine are disproportionate. Our standards, though, begin with us. By attacking the subconscious rules that we have created for ourselves, we can live a happier life. When you’re not focused on everything being perfect, all the sudden, you have the capacity to see more than yourself.


So, start today. When you look in the mirror, pick something you love and compliment it. I don’t care what it is or where you start.

“Wow, my eyes really sparkle when I’m happy.”

“My ankles are just right.”

“My abs are on point today!”

“My hair looks amazing.”


Why do this? Positive reinforcement for yourself radiates out to those around you. And we need all the positivity we can get right now. SEE yourself with someone else’s eyes. SEE those around you and what makes them special and beautiful (or handsome).

Next? I want you to compliment someone every day (if you leave the house, in person. if you don’t, online). Think about how your words impact others. Try thinking positive. Even something as simple as telling someone you love their shirt! Not only does it make them feel good, it makes YOU feel good!


I can help you see yourself. I can show you that you are a stunning, formidable creature that deserves everything their heart desires. I see you and I see exactly how to highlight your best features. I know how to pull out your best smile – the one that comes out when you’re unabashedly happy. I know how to show you the fierce, badass babe that we all have locked up deep down. I can take you to the core of vulnerability and teach you that the place is a place of healing and wonder and power. I will take your insecurities and help you toss them out the window so that you can move forward as a strong, empowered, force to be reckoned with.

You deserve that. Believe that you are worthy of living your life the way you want to. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, someday you’ll realize that it’s finally true for you. And that day? It is a GOOD day.


Let me walk this path with you. I promise I will hold your hand the whole way. I will root for you and I will fight for you. Let’s do this together!


P.S. That badass babe up there? That’s ME. Thank you DJ for reminding me that I am gorgeous. You da best! If you want to see more of my very own session that I had done, you can see it here:


D | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

Every once in a while, I need to practice new techniques and try out new posing flow styles. When this comes up, I send out a model call (which has no restrictions in terms of size, color, body type, hair type) and I get some of the best people through this process. With a model call, the client gives me a full model release so that I can show off the photos from their session in exchange for some of the photos. Without these model calls, I wouldn’t have a ton of work to show on here. Boudoir is an incredibly personal and intimate experience and most of my clients choose to keep their images private, which is completely understandable and I encourage everyone to only share what they are comfortable with, even if that means nothing. The next handful of sessions are from these gorgeous women that braved this process with open hearts and I’m so excited for you to see them!

Thank you, D, for being an amazing model! I appreciate you so much!

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G | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

It’s really rare to find other women who love to game as much as I do. Literally, it’s one of those things that you just don’t come across very often. So, when I asked G if she had ever heard of Red vs. Blue while introducing my pup Grif, she smiled and said she definitely had. To say I lit up is a complete understatement. Like, whoa. She drunk streams on Twitch, video games like a boss, and is just the sweetest woman. I’m so blessed to work with people that I become friends with after everything is said and done.


R | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir

Oh my soul, y’all! This sweet woman and I just connected on a whole different level. You know those people that you meet and become instant best friends? I’m talking major twinning. I’m super sad that she lives so far away from me right now, but I hope one day she lives nearby. We have the same love for Disney and creativity and art and life and just…oh so much more. I feel like I could talk to her forever. I was so blessed to spend time with her recently and throw together a last minute MERMAID styled shoot. Nothing too complicated. Just a girl who made her own mermaid tail and props and just has the sweetest spirit ever. So much fun. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll let the images speak for themselves. ūüėČ


E | Exquisite Sessions | Destin Boudoir Photography

This beautiful girl…I can’t even explain how much she means to me. I’ve known her for over five years and she has been a huge part of my life ever since we met. It’s a blessing to have people that come through for you in even your darkest hours. I’ll never forget her kindness and her support through one of the hardest times of my life and will always cherish her friendship. Beyond just being an incredible friend, she’s an amazing photographer. Listen, when a photographer trusts another photographer to let her take boudoir photos…that’s REAL. The level of faith you have to have in someone who’s photographing you in such an intimate state is super high. Thank you, lady. For your never ending love and encouragement. I love you muchos!

We got to do some photos in a beautifully styled bedroom and then headed out to the gorgeous (but COLD) Destin beaches to wrap things up.

“Love makes the wildest spirit tame and the tamest spirit wild.” .:. Alexis Delp


B | Exquisite Sessions Fort Walton Boudoir Photographer

Back in August I was able to make a trip to Del Rio (where D and I were stationed right after we got married) to do a boudoir marathon. It was a huge hit and our girls were absolutely stunners!

The hair styling skills of Nelda Negron and the Makeup Artistry of Veronica Stich made this the event of the year. The girls got to come in, get pampered, and get beautiful photos of themselves and everyone had a great time.

One of of our first girls was B. This girl completely rocked it out and I am so in love with the images we got from her session. Take a look!