Give me a call or shoot me an email today so that we can sit down together and get to know each other. I want to meet you, find out about you, your style, what’s driving you to do a session. Not only will this give you an opportunity to ask me questions and get to meet me and find out if we click, but it’s also a chance for you to see samples and get an idea of what you want your end products to be.

Whether this is a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself, I want to help you discover your own power and grounding as a woman. I want to show you that what you rival what you see in magazines on television. Let me create images for you that showcase you and your personality in all its facets.

If you have a question I haven’t answered here or you’d like clarification on something, please feel free to get in touch with me at anytime. Thanks for your interest!

Let me begin by explaining that when you invest in a professional boudoir photographer, you’re hiring a trained, experienced artist that is knowledgeable in posing, lighting, coaching, etc. I’ve studied under the world’s leading photographers to ensure that regardless on body type and personality, I can deliver beautiful, timeless artwork to every single one of my clients. There is so much that goes into preparing, covering, and finishing such an intimate session. The minimum amount of time that goes into each of my sessions is more than five times the time I spend face to face with and actually photographing the client.

The session fee is $350 and it covers your time with me, professional hair and makeup styling, the editing and an in-person reveal where you have the opportunity to select the purchases you’d like to make. Most of my clients invest around $1500 in their end products. The most popular products are albums and digital files. Please get in touch with me for more details!

Yes! I offer what is called a la carte (which is French for “according to the menu”) pricing that allows you to pick and choose your products. Only want one digital file and an album? Done. Or maybe a piece of acrylic wall art and a couple of museum quality fine art prints. No problem. Maybe you just want all the final digital files so you can tuck them away. You got it, babe!

I want every single woman to experience the power of recognizing their own womanhood, sensuality and perfection. I don’t compete on price and here’s why. I value my time, my experience and my expertise. And I want clients who do, as well. I understand that the investment for a session like this is, indeed, an investment. Because of this, I do offer payment plans with a retainer at the time of purchase, but because I want everyone to have equal access to these sessions, I don’t provide discounts. 

Cash, check, and any major credit through PayPal or Square.

Yes. Exquisite Sessions include a professional hair and makeup artist and my time. When you book our time, we turn away other business and make arrangements to ensure that we are where we need to be when we need to be there. Your retainer doubles as your session fee. When you book your session, you pay a non-refundable retainer/session fee to guarantee that day is blocked off for you and no one else. Should you need to reschedule (up to 2 times), your retainer/session fee applies to your new date. After 2 reschedules, you will be required to pay a new retainer/session fee.

I’ve been at this for just over ten years (whoa…). I started shooting boudoir while I was trying to find my place in the photography industry and I’m so glad that I gave it a whirl. Now, it’s the ONLY thing I shoot. I love women’s portraiture so much and am incredibly proud to be a part of the body positivity and self love movements in a small way, one woman at a time. I go into a little more detail about what brought me to boudoir and my path in my about me section and in my Origins blog post.

I have studied under the world’s best photographers to ensure that I know posing, lighting, coaching, etc. inside and out. I continue to learn as much as I can so that I’m on top of the newest techniques, trends, and this enables me to provide beautiful imagery for every client that comes through my door.

I use professional quality Nikon cameras and flash units. I carry back-up camera bodies, extra lenses, extra batteries, and extra memory cards to guarantee that equipment malfunction will not be a problem. Ever.

I offer digital files as a product during your in-person reveal. I firmly believe that each image is a piece of individual artwork and I do my best to encourage you to purchase print products (whether that be an album, wall art or a boxed set). I want the images to be somewhere you will see them every day as a reminder of your beauty, your strength, your power as a woman. I know that everything is digital these days, though, so I give you a low resolution copy of anything you purchase in print form.

Absolutely! Be sure to check out web reviews, though. You’ll find lots of great reviews from happy clients there!

I want to see what makes your heart pitter patter. I believe that you are just as much a part of the creative process. I won’t replicate what you show me, but I use your inspiration as a springboard to create art that is unique to you.

Excluding marathon events that set up specifically for quick sessions, I never photograph more than one client on any given day. I prefer to reserve my energy for one person at a time so that they get the most of my creativity and energy. It’s important to me that every client I work with gets 110% of my attention and I can’t do that if I’m thinking about what I need to do after the session I’m in.

Yes and no. During your hair and makeup, you’re more than welcome to have a girlfriend along to keep you company. However, once your session begins they will need to leave the shooting space. Because this is a highly intimate and vulnerable process, it can make you even more nervous to have someone just watching you. I lead you through various emotional states and it’s much easier to commit to that process when it’s just you and I. 

I’m a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. This is a group of professional photographers dedicated to competence, integrity and responsibility. It also means that my work has been approved by the highest professionals and they’ve seen a consistency in my work that says I’m a qualified professional that strives for excellence. 

Call me! 719.433.6404. Or if you hate talking on the phone, shoot me a text to that same number or send me an e-mail at info@exquisitesessions.com. I can’t wait to chat with you!