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For you ladies out there that have been holding off on doing a boudoir shoot because you aren’t sure that boudoir is something you could pull off, this one is for you.

Sexy is not a size or a shape or a color or a culture. Sexy is YOU. Now. Who you are when you wake up, who you are when you drink your coffee, who you are when you’re driving your car, who you are when you’re doing chores…THAT is sexy. Did you get out of bed this morning? You’re sexy. Did you forget to shower this morning because you had to rush the kids off to school? Yup, still sexy. Baby weight? Sexy. Cheeseburger weight? Sexy. Muscled and toned? Sexy. Tall? Sexy. Skinny with no curves? Still sexy.

Beautiful. Desirable. Wonderful. Purposeful.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ultimately, that’s bullshit. Whether you find someone attractive or not, that is personal preference. Whether someone is beautiful regardless of what they look like? That is not personal preference. There are infinite ways to be beautiful and it has nothing to do with your pant size or the color of your hair or whether you have curves or not.

It’s time that we stopped comparing ourselves to each other. Stop comparing ourselves to what we see in the media (magazines, tv, movies, online). It’s time that we stood in front of the mirror and pointed out our assets, rather than our downfalls.

I have curves and a great rack. I have beautiful legs (past the knee). I love my smile. My nose crinkles when I laugh hard enough. I adore how delicate my fingers are. What’s behind my appearance, though? I love people. I have a passion for changing lives and helping women have power of their own happiness and views of themselves. I can sing like a boss when I try. I love binge-watching tv while I’m working. I adore my sweet family. I’m happy with and proud of the work I do. I am resolute, but compassionate. My faith keeps me going, even when my feet don’t. And now, I’m refusing to let the media and society dictate my worth.

Now, it’s you turn. What are you favorite physical attributes? What are your favorite personality traits? Will you join me in giving this ideal body bs the middle finger? About time, don’t you think?


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