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D | Exquisite Sessions | Fort Walton Beach Boudoir Photography

Every once in a while, I need to practice new techniques and try out new posing flow styles. When this comes up, I send out a model call (which has no restrictions in terms of size, color, body type, hair type) and I get some of the best people through this process. With a model call, the client gives me a full model release so that I can show off the photos from their session in exchange for some of the photos. Without these model calls, I wouldn’t have a ton of work to show on here. Boudoir is an incredibly personal and intimate experience and most of my clients choose to keep their images private, which is completely understandable and I encourage everyone to only share what they are comfortable with, even if that means nothing. The next handful of sessions are from these gorgeous women that braved this process with open hearts and I’m so excited for you to see them!

Thank you, D, for being an amazing model! I appreciate you so much!

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